Mar 28, 2011

MIA and a few new creations

It has been a while sense I have posted. Lets just say that I have been MIA {missing in action}. I had to have emergency surgery for complications that caused internal bleeding and I have been trying to recover from that. Life continues to go on and therefore things still have to be taken care of. If life could only pause in times like these I think things would be a lot easier. Thank goodness for the gift of being able to create. It has helped me to find myself again and to get out of the funk that I have been in. I needed something to give those who have so generously given of themselves to me and my family while I have been down and out. A little "thank you" for such lovely kindness in a time when it was soo desperately needed! So here is what I created. I love hanging items from my door knobs. I think it adds warmth. So I thought I would create a little warmth for those who have helped me.

A little rosette love with linen and the French General.

Vinage French chocolate graphic with a burlap rosette.
 So if you want a little love or need to give a little love, you can get these oh so sweet door knob hangers in my shop! Have a great day!